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Greg Moore

☝️This is what my phone currently thinks I look like.

dungeons & dragons

D&D has become a lifeline for my friendships during this pandemic. Role-playing is the perfect blend of creativity, improvisation, and silliness for someone like me.

dragon age

I have spent an absolutely ludicrous amount of time enjoying Bioware’s Dragon Age universe and I’m still not done, having started my 4th playthrough of Inquisition. Over the course of the series, the talented team of writers craft a unique world where interdependent systems of power, politics, and religion subvert the typical fantasy tropes and serve a vivid cast of characters.

📕 Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne
📕 Dragon Age: The Calling
🎬 Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker
🎮 Dragon Age: Origins
🎮 Dragon Age II
📕 Dragon Age: Asunder
📕 Dragon Age: The Masked Empire
📕 Dragon Age: Last Flight
🎮 Dragon Age: Inquisition