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Greg Moore

☝️This is what my phone currently thinks I look like.

rejoining the indie web

The process of deleting my Facebook account back in 2018 showed just how deeply ensconced I'd become in the toxic system of scroll, share, like, refresh. It’s one thing to struggle against human manipulation (that comes with being a social creature) but it’s quite another to be actively exploited by algorithms reducing lives to “content.” Social media developed into an all-consuming habit that was making me feel terrible so I’ve been spending my time since then disengaging from it and attempting to reclaim some semblance of the internet I originally fell in love with.

having a "hometown"

This year marks more than 18 non-consecutive years of living in Tampa, Florida. It’s the longest time I’ve spent in a single place so I think that means I’m “from Tampa” now.

dragon age

I have spent an absolutely ludicrous amount of time enjoying Bioware’s Dragon Age universe and I’m still not done, having started my 4th playthrough of Inquisition:

📕 Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne
📕 Dragon Age: The Calling
🎬 Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker
🎮 Dragon Age: Origins
🎮 Dragon Age II
📕 Dragon Age: Asunder
📕 Dragon Age: The Masked Empire
📕 Dragon Age: Last Flight
🎮 Dragon Age: Inquisition

dungeons & dragons

I played my first real game of Dungeons & Dragons back in November of 2017 and was instantly hooked. It’s a perfect blend of creativity, improvisation, and silliness for someone like me. Most importantly, it has been a lifeline for many friendships during the pandemic lockdown.

avoiding covid-19

It’s weird that participating in a historical event happening on a global scale means staying home as much as possible.😷